Access Statement


We aim to cater for the needs of all visitors in our home-based 8 bedroom bed and breakfast. The following statement is a summary of our provision. If you have any specific questions please feel free to call us and we will endeavour to help.


  • There is a bus stop outside Yorke Lodge and another bus stop 50 metres away which offers a frequent bus service to and from the city. The bus stop for the University is a 5 minute walk away.
  • There are two train stations servicing Canterbury. Canterbury West is a 10 minute away and Canterbury East is a 5 minute ride by taxi or 15-20 minute walk.
  • There is a wide choice of local taxi services, we can make a booking for you.
  • Brochures and menus can be provided in large print by prior arrangement.
  • We have a website wit online booking feature.
  • You can contact us via phone, fax or email (details below)

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

  • On Arrival to the property there is an open access area, this is open 24 hours.
  • No marked parking bays but there is parking for four cars.
  • The surface is level, flat with gravel.
  • We can assist guests with luggage.
  • The city is a 10 minutes walk from the Bed and Breakfast.

Main Entrance, Reception & Ticketing Area

  • The front door is level with the outside, just a low threshold.
  • The front door is on a Yale lock but there is a bell which is accessible for most heights.
  • The doorway is 99cm wide.
  • On entry into our home there is a lobby approx 1.7m wide x 3.6m long. There is then another further doorway
  • giving access to the main accommodation which has a maximum opening of 80cm.

  • There is fitted carpet flooring throughout the ground floor.

Public Areas – Hall, Stairs, Landing, Corridors etc

  • Corridors have a good colour contrast and are well lit
  • The covering on all floors is short pile carpet
  • The breakfast room is ground floor. The conservatory is accessed via the Breakfast room.
  • There are 15 stairs with a 90 degree turn to the mezzanine landing.
  • Room 1 leads directly off the this landing. A W.C. is also on this landing. There are a further 3 stairs to the first floor landing. Rooms 2, 3 & 4 lead directly off this landing. There are 11 stairs with a 90 degree turn to the second mezzanine level. Room 5 leads from this landing. There is another 7 stairs to the second floor with access to Rooms 6, 7 & 8.
  • The stairs are 18cm high, 25cm deep, 86cm wide.

Public Areas – Sitting room, lounges, lobbies etc

  • The Conservatory is accessed via the Breakfast Room. There is one high threshold of 8cm to the outside which is decked and enclosed.

Public WCs

  • There are 15 stairs to the WC.

Breakfast Room

  • The breakfast room is on the ground floor. No steps. Door width 86cm.
  • Furniture is flexible and can be moved on request.
  • Tables have under space of 63cm high. Large tables have width of 90cm and small tables 45cm. We have one pedestal table which offers no width restriction.
  • Menus can be provided in large print by prior arrangement.


  • Nearest laundry facilities are approximately 5 minutes by car/taxi.

Outdoor Facilities

  • There is one high threshold of 8cm to the outside which is decked and enclosed. This area is accessed via the Breakfast Room and Conservatory.

Bedrooms & Sleeping Areas

  • Bedrooms 1 – 4 are on the first floor and Bedrooms 5-8 are on the second floor.
  • All beds have access both sides with the exception of Room 1. All bedrooms have television with remote Control, Freeview and Teletext. All power sockets are 65cm off ground level. Furniture is moveable on request. Comfortable, high backed chairs are provided in all bedrooms. Fitted short pile carpet on the floor. Bed heights are all between 62cm and 67cm.
  • Good colour contrast between walls and floors. All bedrooms have high level of general lighting and all have bedside lighting. All en suites have non-slip/anti-slip flooring and task lighting.
  • Room 1 – Single with walk in shower.
  • Room 2 – King size double with bath and shower over.
  • Room 3 – Twin Beds with walk in shower.
  • Room 4 – King size double with bath and shower over.
  • Room 5 – Double with walk-in shower.
  • Room 6 – Double with walk in shower.
  • Room 7 – Double with walk in shower.
  • Room 8 – Double with walk in shower.
  • All bedrooms are fully equipped with tea/coffee making facilities. Cordless kettle. Water, biscuits, sweets. Hairdryer, clock/radio.
  • All bedding is synthetic.
  • We do accept dogs.

Additional Information

  • Yorke Lodge has a fully operationally and regularly checked fire alarm system. Emergency exit, via the normal staircase, is clearly signed and well lit at all times.
  • We accept dogs who are allowed in the bedrooms only. Dog walking etc is close by.
  • We are a completely non-smoking establishment but do have 2 permitted smoking areas, one of which is under cover.
  • Mobile telephone reception is generally good with all providers. We provide wireless broadband connection.
  • Rooms 1, 2, 5 & 8 are on the back of the house and are very quiet. The other rooms overlook the road which is busy during the day but quietens down considerably at night.
  • We are happy to store medication, food etc in our fridges.
  • We have an iron and iron board available upon request.
  • Staff are generally available throughout the day and proprietors live on site. We have 2 reception bells, one for day time use and one night bell in case of emergency out of hours.

Address: 50 London Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 8LF
Telephone: 01227 451243
Fax: 01227 462006

Hours of operation: Yorke Lodge is open 12 months of the year. There is generally a member of staff available from 7am to 11pm.

Contact Telephone and Email Address
We welcome your feedback to help us continually improve if you have any comments please phone 01227 451253 or email